User Agreement

terms of use 1. 1. Apply for reservation (1) This Internet reservation system (hereinafter abbreviated as this system) uses the Internet. It is a system that allows customers to make reservations directly at the hotel. Anyone can search for information such as the availability of hotels registered in this system, but make a reservation. Internet registration is required for inclusion. (2) Registered customers can apply for reservations 24 hours a day. (3) The reservation information you applied for will be sent to the hotel's e-mail address immediately after registration is completed. (4) This system can be used free of charge. 2. Reservation qualification (1) Anyone who has an e-mail address for an internet PC can make a reservation. 3. 3. Customer registration (1) Please register your personal information from the registration screen. E-mail address for which registration completion notification is applied It will be sent to. After that, you can apply for a reservation. (2) Registration is free. There are no registration fees or annual membership fees. (3) We will never use the registered personal information without permission. However, this does not apply if requested by a public institution (police, court, etc.). Four. Usage contract (1) The usage contract is directly concluded between the customer and the hotel. (2) For the usage contract, the final confirmation of the contents registered by the customer on this system, and the button for regular reservation registration Established when the (switch) is pressed. (3) We will never use the registered personal information without permission. However, this does not apply if requested by a public institution (police, court, etc.). Five. Payment of accommodation fee Please pay the accommodation fee by cash or credit card at the time of check-in. 6. Change / cancellation of reservation details (1) If the registered contents are changed, please use this system to promptly register the changes. (2) If this system cannot be used due to unavoidable circumstances, the member will contact the hotel directly. please. If you contact the hotel directly, no change cancellation notice will be sent. 7. 7. Cancellation fee Regarding cancellation of reservation, at the following ratio to the contract price A cancellation fee (cancellation charge) will be charged. 9 days ago: 10% 2 days ago: 20% Previous day: 50% On the day: 80% Non-night: 100% (if you do not contact us) 8. 8. Our liability and disclaimer (1) The hotel fulfills the accommodation contract and related contracts, or due to non-performance thereof. If the guest is damaged, the damage will be compensated. However, that is the blame of the hotel This does not apply if it is not due to a reason to be attributed. (2) The hotel has inn liability insurance to deal with fires in the unlikely event. (3) If the hotel cannot provide the guest with the contracted guest room, the hotel will obtain the guest's consent and as much as possible. Other accommodation facilities under the same conditions shall be mediated. (4) If the hotel cannot arrange for another accommodation facility regardless of the above provisions, the amount equivalent to the penalty will be charged. Compensation fee will be paid to the guest, and the compensation fee will be applied to the amount of compensation for damages. However, guest rooms cannot be provided No compensation fee will be paid if there is no reason to blame the hotel for the matter. 9. Regarding other terms of use associated with use, the hotel's accommodation agreement will apply. Ten. Contact Us Hakata Green Hotel 3-11 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0012 TEL: 092-451-4111 FAX: 092-451-4508